Gröndals camping, Köpingsvik.

CAMPING I KONSTNATTEN. In 2010 we participated in Ölands Skördefest, the yearly harvest celebration, with our installation Camping i Konstnatten. We created a camping site on a field next to farm houses and historical buildings. The visitors could sit down in sun chairs, watch photo screening and write postcards. Inside the camping van they could have a cup of coffee and listen to sound-art. Camping i Konstnatten was made in collaboration with musician Sara K. Gustafsson.

TACK FÖR BESÖKET! In 2011 we were invited to show our work at Ölands Museum Himmelsberga, open-air museum and art space. The invitation resulted in the exhibition Tack för besöket! showing photographs and out-door installations with sun chairs. The exhibition was realised thanks to support from Sparbanksstiftelsen Öland.

"Glada Hörnet"